Hi, my name is Antonio Scalia

About me

In Chile:I have started my work experience as a Junior level Android Developer in a job that required image editing andinterface design for phones. I also worked on low-level programming (C, C++) for microcontrollers. Communicationprotocols I2C, ISCP, MIDI.When I gained more experience, I decided to specialize in the EgleCAD program for PCB design for industry and IoT. Ihave used the EagleCAD program for more than 2 years and I have created libraries of devices and chips that werenot found in the standard libraries. I also design from the datasheet taking into consideration the differentmeasurements that the manufacturer has. CAM Gerber DXF BOM PLC files are common in PCB design. I can learn touse other software for projection. Then I learned how to use EasyEDA for fast prototyping PCB designs. To test thePCBs I used a digital oscilloscope.I founded a hardware development company (Gea Tecnologia) to be able to work together with universities. Thecompany worked closely with a team of bioengineers from Adolfo Ibañes University and a private company calledDigitalHealt. The project is called Grace and currently has a US patent.The company grew and we had requests for very specific things that required little development time. One of themwas to create a device that provided a wireless network to provide Internet connection in extreme places in Chile.They had to be energetically autonomous modules and cheap to build. The company (Statknows) was very happywith the result.In Italy:I emigrated to Italy to learn the culture and origin of my family. I met Paolo Toscano who gave me a job as a pianorestorer and tuner in Sicily. For three years I was working with acoustic pianos and some repairs on digital pianos.Then I transferred to Milano to work as an acoustic, digital and hybrid piano technician at the Shigeru Kawai CenterMilano.