Piano technician


Tuning around the Sicily

Tunings in wheat fields or on top of a mountain.

Tuning Palermo

The Palermo Jazz Festival 2022 at the "Teatro Di Verdura" was carried out successfully thanks to the assistance and tuning of the Yamaha CFIII piano. The temperature was very high and the tuning of the piano was constantly changing. We can highlight the great concert performed by Tom Seals  great pianist and singer.

Trip to Petrof Factory in Czech Republic

The tour of the plants of the Petrof Czech piano factory was a great learning experience. You can see how strings, soundboards and many other things will be manufactured. The talk given by an operator who is in charge of voicing  the piano hammers stands out.

On the last day you can visit an acoustic anechoic chamber. Really impressive.


Tuning Taormina

Great concert "Opera Jazz" made by the pianist Danilo Rea at the "Teatro Antico di Taormina". The tuning of the Stainwey and sons piano was successful and the pianist played for 2 hours and a half continuously. The "Opera Jazz" is a new type of concert. Old opera concerts sung by the best lyrical singers of all time and the improvised jazz performance of the pianist are mixed.

Tuning Castelbuono

The concert takes place at the "Chiostro di San Francesco" in Castelbuono Sicily (Google Mpas). Great piano concert performed by Alexander Romanovsky.  The concert was organized by Castelbuono Classica. The great pianist Alexander Romanovky has made the following program:

Ludwig van Beethoven: 

Frederic Chopin: 

Sergei Rachmaninoff: 

Franz Liszt: 

Tuning Milo

The young pianist and great singer Frida Bollani has given a splendid concert. Using different electronic controllers to distort her voice at will, she has shown to have spectacular musical control.

Congress 2022 Europiano, Warsaw

Great experience on old and modern pianos. An excellent way to learn and know how piano factories are innovating and developing changes in the vision of a modern piano.

Ragusa Ibla Grand Prize

It is an important event in Sicily that brings together different pianists and musicians from all over the world. A rich experience of young talents offering fresh music.

The competition takes place over three 4 summer days where all musicians have the opportunity to show their musical skills. After several months the judges deliberate and choose the winners who will go on tour around the world making themselves known.

web: http://www.ibla.org/

Sicily International Piano Festival

The festival offers active participants opportunities to perform in public settings and to work closely with internationally-known faculty from Europe, Asia and USA in both individual lessons and master classes. Participants have assigned daily practicing hours, attend workshops and lectures on music, history and gastronomy, and are taken on excursions to beautiful Siracusa. In addition to pure music-making, the festival will strongly encourage cultural, historical, and culinary exploration of Sicily, showcasing extraordinary heritage and unique flavor of this Mediterranean island. Festival venues for instructions and performances include some of the most prestigious landmarks of UNESCO's heritage in the city of Noto, such as the Palazzo Nicolaci, Palazzo Ducezio, Teatro "Tina Di Lorenzo", Palazzo Gagliardi, Auditorium at CUMO University, Noto Cathedral etc..

The selection of concert venues allows both intimacy and splendor of performances.

web: https://www.pianosicily.com/overview.html 


Electric piano and pipe organ

The virtualized organ is a wooden and electronic construction. It is about emulating a pipe organ but with a synthesized or sampled sound. The development is equivalent to knowledge of electronics and information technology in addition to manual skills for construction.

The Portable Organ in this case is a hybrid between a midi controller (small keyboard) and a Yamaha digital piano. For more information visit: hackaday.io